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Click to ExpandGeneral - Worldwide Art Resources provides information on contemporary art, news, history, artists, and gallery portfolios. - Artist Resource provides information for visual artists and writers on classes, events, and classifieds in a safe online community. - Artseek provides a directory of resources on artwork, galleries, institutions, and other art resource links. - Linkism: The Art Directory is a site for gallery information, artists, education, and publications.

NonStarving Artists is s resource for current art information on PR and promotion, headlines, and opportunities for - - Art Deadline is a resource for exhibition and for-profit opportunities in the art community in a variety of mediums. - New York Foundation for the Arts provides free information for all members of the art community. - Artists Register is a resource for artists on events, articles, opportunities, and group exhibitions. - Fine Art Galleries is a website providing links to thousands of art galleries, museums, and artist sites. - Center for Independent Artists provides links for a variety of artists through various resources to meet a variety of personal needs. - Artists online provides support an guidance for artists. - Springboard for the Arts provides interactive and computer based resources and information for artists on exhibition guidelines, galleries, and artists, etc. - Art Calendar Magazine is a website based on business in the arts, connecting arts to exhibitions for income. - American Association of Museums represents the museum community with programs, grants, and membership.

Click to ExpandPainter - Painter resources offers visual artists to research renowned painters, fine arts, schools, supplies, and the act of painting. - offers a variety of research opportunities on artists and their works. As well as offers advertising and newsletters.

Click to ExpandSculptor - Sculptor.Org is a resource for sculptors including various associations, job opportunities, and tool links. - National Sculpture Society has a direct resource for sculptors including information, services, and equipment.

Click to ExpandIntermedia/Multimedia - Intermedia Arts is an organization to promote understanding among people through art with several links and resources. - Fineartforum resource directory offers a listing of various artists and online multimedia art. - Cyberpod is an online intermedia magazine that covers various topics of interest to those involved in intermedia.

Click to ExpandPhotography - American Society of Media Photographers, Inc. is a resource for community, culture, commerce, and publications. - International Association of Panoramic Photographers is a resource for those focused primarily on panoramic endeavors on events, gallery, cameras, and other information. - Professional Photographers of America is a resource for consumers, events, photographers, vendors, and media.