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About VLAA

Volunteer Legal Assistance for Artists was started as a pro bono effort of ASU law students and Phoenix-area attorneys with the goal of providing legal education and referral services to both artists and those affiliated with artists.

VLAA is planning to host a variety of educational presentations and seminars for ASU law students as well as hosting a legal clinic to provide artists and organizations in the community with legal guidance.

VLAA Mission

VLAA created this Web site to serve as a starting point for those who have legal questions related to creative endeavors.

The "Frequently Asked Questions" pages provide general information, which has been researched, compiled, and reviewed by law professionals. The FAQs sections contain information on dozens of topics, including Contracts, and Intellectual Property issues.

Legal Services

VLAA has volunteer lawyers ready to provide legal services to artists according to the broadest definition of the arts. For example, theater, dance, fashion, the visual arts, performance, music, journalism, crafts, textiles, film, design, literature, and poetry are only a few of the artistic disciplines VLAA volunteer attorney's support. Whether an artist is looking to negotiate an agreement with a gallery, to start a nonprofit dance company, register their copyright in a manuscript, or produce an independent film, VLAA will be able to refer to an attorney to help.


Volunteer Legal Assistance for Artists recognizes diverse creative endeavors (including writing, visual arts, performance arts, and music). This section provides links to organizations and helpful Web sites to help artists move forward with their work.


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